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Viva Egoista STX is the newest addition to the celebrated Viva Egoista family of headphone amplifiers. Egoista STX is specifically designed for high-end electrostatic headphones like STAX or HiFiMan. Egoista STX is capable of realizing the full potential of electrostatic headphones that no existing amplifiers can match.

Egoista-STX 300B

  • Dimensions w×h×d:
    410×185×410 mm

    Weight: 21kg

    Inputs: 4 source inputs and 1 Direct Input bypassing the preamp stage

    Outputs: 2 × Five Pin Stereo Electrostatic Headphone Jack connectors

    Zero negative feedback pure class A operation

    Tube complement: 2 × 300B; 2 x 6C45Pi; 2 x 6H30PI

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