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F1 is the newest addition to the Viva Audio family. A single chassis phono pre-amplifier, F1 is built with the same DNA as the Fono. Smaller in size and more affordable, F1 inherited all the qualities of its award-winning big brother - rich tridimensional sound, lack of distortion, remarkably low noise floor.

Its design is complemented with carefully selected components, including state-of-the-art output transformers.


Color: Black
  • Dimensions w×h×d:
    410×185×410 mm

    Weight: 12 kg

    Stereo phono preamplifier

    Triode tubes

    Tube Complement:
    2×12AX7; 2×6C45P

    MC gain 60dB, with just two high-performance tube active stages for achieving the shortest signal path

    Very low noise

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